We require 50% of the rental in order to secure the equipment requested.  If the 50% is not paid in advance, we will will consider your request as a rental quote only, not as a reservation and the equipment will not be reserved for you.  The remaining balance is due when possession of the equipment is taken.

Once the reservation has been made and the 50% deposit has been paid, you have 2 weeks prior to the event to make a cancellation for a full refund of the deposit.  If the reservation is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event, we will not refund the deposit.  We do not reschedule or refund any deposits due to weather.  Adding items to your reservation are permitted at any time (based upon availability of equipment) however removing items is not permitted at any time.  The equipment is based on a 24 hour rental unless other arrangements have been made prior to the event.

We double count each order to ensure accuracy and we ask that you count the equipment at delivery.  Once you take possession of the equipment, you are accepting responsibility for the item count on your contract and will be charged replacement cost for any missing items at pick-up.  We charge for any damage to our equipment that is not considered regular wear.

The Damage Waiver is an optional non refundable, 10% charge that relieves the customer for accidental damage to the rented items for loss due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset, or riot.  The waiver does not include loss due to theft, burglary, misuse, or abuse or any other loss due to failure to care for the rental items while under contract.  The Damage Waiver does not cover loss due to negligence and only protects you from incurring additional charges due to unforeseen or unexpected damage to our equipment.  All broken or damaged items must be returned.


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